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Michael White

"My experience with sky4energy is a positive one. Once I received the plans and followed the instructions I went from paying an average of $90 every month to just $15! That's a lot of saving! Right now I'm looking forward to slash those $15 as well with an extra system- it's very cheap so make to why not try? I know you told me that to save 100% of the electricity costs will require more effort because of the backup and running night and day but I'm gonna try anyways and keep you posted. I will start selling your book too!"

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Amy from Texas, USA.

"After noticing the money back guarantee on sky 4 energy, I decided to install it at my home. I admit, I was more than sure that I would take advantage of the money back because I was convinced that this was some kind of planned scam like the many others on the internet. But after checking the first few pages it was obvious that it was the real deal. No filler words, just the steps to get free electricity. Amy "

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Simon Wilkinson

"Thanks to the detailed diagrams and step by step instructions, my setup is running great! It was quiet easy and now that I know it's for real I'm going to make more and sell them to my neighbors! They will sure like them!"

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Joe Bingo from Kansas City, USA.

"You have been a godsend after the sudden increase of energy prices! My options were very limited and if it wasn't for your system I would have either stopped watching tv to cope with the bills or find a part time job to get enough money to pay the extra expenses.

Fortunately when my brother told me about your website I knew that it was the solution to my problems. Hesitant at first but at the end of the day it was worth every cent! "

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Helena from Rome, Italy.

"How are you today Will? I hope everything's fine.

Since your last email I managed to sort out all the problems and its working pretty good now. The wiring system is in place and the previous voltage hiccups have been sorted nicely - just as you said it would. Today I checked the battery again and I was very surprised about the amount of electricity generated.

Everyone should use one of these, it's incredible that such a powerful energy source is not available at the stores like solar panels -which are way too expensive and not worth the effort. "

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Tony Gibson from Nevada

"Ever since I saw the sky 4 energy website I was intrigued with the idea. I was already familiar with the inventions of Nicola Tesla and their importance. Tesla tried to make our lives better without thinking of any profit motives - that's why he died a poor man. May God bless his soul.

I'm so glad that sky4 energy is building on his research and making good use of Tesla's discoveries - an initiative that will help mankind. "

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Ronny from New York

"I know William personally because I went to his office for a real life demonstration. I was skeptic but after seeing with my own eyes I have to admit, he is a genius. He has the purest intention in making free energy sources available to everyone. His product is of great importance to the world and his dedication will sure bear its fruits and everyone will benefit. "

James from Holland

"Thank you sky4enrgy for coming up with such a fresh idea. I'm consistently getting 80 volts with the small system that I built in a rush. I feel like I won the lottery! One of the main points that surprised me is that the common perception is free electricity does not exist, which is true only depending on how you look at it. Free electricity does not exist because the power guys make us pay for it! And not because it's not physically possible. Free electricity is possible and the proof is the system in my garage that I constructed thanks to you! "

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